Chika Odurukwe – Prophetic Worship

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Chika Odurukwe – Prophetic Worship.

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  • Emeka Michael

    thanks brother god bless you, i am bless

  • isichei liberty

    This is brother for this Prophetic Worship song,i am so much in touch and bless by it,may God be you straight as you keep it on ,in Jesus name Amen

  • MrFido500

    Thank you brother Chika, God bless you…

  • Oluchukwu75

    abu oma

  • lydia joe

    what a song! realy inspiring

  • Lucas Anuforo

    There are songs, and there is song. This is among the few songs that give out the message. Very inspirational, I’am really touched by this prophetic song. God bless you brother. Our Lord will continue to use you in the propagation of His word.

  • StanleySC Opara

    Thanx Broda Chika for dis song. I live far away Australia but dis song has brought me home (Owerri). I am too emotional right now. May God remain blessed

  • sammy samuel


  • EfunaMUSA

    The gospel song is from Nigeria in West Africa. To listen to more just type on your search space – Igbo gospel songs or Nigeria gospel songs.

  • EfunaMUSA

    The first song calls our attention to the fact that no man or woman can help us the way Jehavah alone is capable of helping us. So the song asks: Who, who is it in the whole wide world that can compare with my God in acts of kindness toward me and my own. And went on to cite instances of God’s great acts in his life ……….

  • augustina achusim

    great inspiration,may the lord bless you,am so blessed.

  • John Frank

    Thank u Jesus

  • Ihinosen Edwards Patrick

    I barely understand a sentence when made in the Igbo language but this song brings me to a stand still.Its invigorating and so so uplifting.Thank you for this and may the lord take you higher

  • blessing nnanna pius

    Thank u Jesus!!!!!

  • blessing nnanna pius

    me too

  • david johnson

    I am touched by you song I just heard it its me chidi your friend who travelled to India mad up studios. Write me back on 0091837675847.

  • martins chibuike

    This worship moves heaven, whenever i hear it my spirit is always high and i will just get connected God bless you brother.Greetings from spanish

  • flozy hope

    am really touched

  • Nakasa Mighty

    Oh.. i must confess, actually i wasn’t order righteous, but i really found myself been in spirit from the moment i heard this song, i was really touched and moved in order to create account to this website in order to appreciate you, my brother.., as this song really moved and touched me, that’s how the Almighty God will take you to the higher level and grant all your heart desire.., keep it up, God is with you always.

  • Ece Utkan

    I fell in love with it! It made me worship the Lord in tears… God bless you

  • Onyinye Okonkwo

    I am home. It’s been a long search for something like this. God bless whoever posted this and of course who composed it. I am filled with the Spirit of God and I feel the angels of heaven worshiping God and the 24 elders bowing down at the trumpet’s sound just like John described in the book of Revelation. Heaven is a place to be!!!!

  • danilove701

    this is a key to open the third heavens,very spiritual,emotional,touching and imparting.may the good God bless Africa my mothers land

  • Babajako

    ♫Very Soulful Rendations.Beautiful,more of it……

  • guntamani

    good keep it up